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Say who?

Born in Suva, Fiji, I was christened Anna Louise Campbell. I'm Lou to my family and many of my friends, but when I started boarding school at the age of seven, I insisted on being called Anna. A career in the military saw me raised to the lofty rank of Captain Campbell, and a spell in public relations and then education followed. Happily married since 1999 and still teaching, in my non-writing life, I go by my married name of Anna Greene. 


I've had some writing successes (under my pen name of Lou Greene) - winning the HNSA (Historical Novels Society of Australasia) First Pages competition and having an HNSA short story shortlisted and published; I've been longlisted for the Hachette Richell prize, been awarded a mentorship from the Australia Society of Authors, and, writing as Anna Foxkirk, was voted favourite Debut Romance Author by the Australian Romance Readers Association in 2020 and have won a couple of awards through Romance Writers of New Zealand. In 2022 I was shortlisted for the Romance Writers of Australia 'Ripping Start' competition. 

Globe trotting...

I've definitely got the travel bug! Born in Fiji, I've lived in a lot of different countries during my lifetime, which is great because it's provided me with plenty of fuel for my stories. Right now I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, but I was educated in the UK and, to give you an idea of my travels, I've also lived (not just holidayed) in France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Kiribati, Bosnia and New Zealand. And then there are places I've just visited - Italy, Spain, Majorca, Menorca, Madeira, Greece, Canada, America, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, the UAE and maybe a few others along the way ! I love living in Australia, but I think I'd give my right arm at the moment for a research trip to Europe, more specifically, Germany and the Isle of Mann in the UK.

Blue Camper Van
Black and White Library

This goes without saying really, so why have I put it here? Books have always been a huge part of my life. One of the first books I fell in love with was 'Huff the Hedgehog' by Ruth Ainsworth and Ronald Ridout. As a kid I used to love shouting out those lines! Both my parents encouraged me to read and my father was also an author - his great passion was historical novels, and I still love to be swept away into the world of the past. I went to boarding school in Yorkshire at the age of seven and reading allowed me to escape the confines of my dormitory and travel to other places at least in my head (thanks Enid Blyton). I read every day without fail. Books entertain me, guide me, soothe me and inspire me. A world without books, in my humble opinion would not be a world worth living in. Seriously, I should write a blog about this, I could go on and on about how essential books are ...

Truffle mad

This is our dog, Truffle. She's a bit bigger and a lot older and undoubtedly stinkier nowadays, but we all fiercely love our family pooch - she's such a character. I also love the other variety of truffles too - not so much the ones unearthed from the ground, but the chocolate variety!

Two Wine Cups
Winey wife!

You cannot live on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, and not imbibe the odd glass (or two) of wine. In our neck of the woods, we're surrounded by vineyards and wineries (poor me). I'm not fussy when it comes to grape variety, but my favorite tipple is a glass of chilled chardonnay. 

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