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‘Write til your ink be dry, and with your tears
Moist it again, and frame some feeling line …’ 
Two Gentlemen of Verona,
William Shakespeare


Hello and welcome to the website of award-winning author Anna Foxkirk

With an MA in history from St. Andrew’s University (completed some time in the Dark Ages), and by profession an English and history teacher, I also spent nearly eight years in the army where I taught military history, completed four operational tours in war-torn Bosnia, and even enjoyed a stint living in Edinburgh Castle - so steeped in history you could feel it in the frigid stone walls, the wind howling around the ramparts and the whispering silence. Perhaps it’s little wonder that my writing is inspired by history.

What do we look for in fiction? As well as entertainment and escapism, I think we're also in search of enlightenment: we want to know who we are a little better, recognising ourselves in others' actions and reactions, perhaps subconsciously evaluating how we might have behaved in similar circumstances. In my humble opinion, there's little better than finding a fabulous historical novel to transport you to a familiar and yet wholly new time and place. That said, I'm a sucker for great contemporary fiction, especially if it has engaging characters, a compelling mystery, or a strong romantic thread pulling me along...but give me all of those elements, seamlessly interwoven under the same cover, and I'm pretty much in reading heaven. Oh, happy days!


This is what I strive for in my own writing, and I really hope you discover it in my novels.

When I’m not doggedly tracking down a piece of historical gold, of trailing after the distant echo of will o’ the wisp characters from the past, you’ll find me at my desk writing trying to conjure them into words on the page.​

My first love has always been historical fiction, but when you're located in Australia and your work-in-progress is located in Europe - especially with the current pandemic turmoil and frustrations - that can be quite the challenge! But no obstacles are insurmountable and I'm extremely excited about how all the pieces of my work-in-progress are falling coming together. I'm confident I'll deliver my best story yet, an incredible tale of a truly remarkable woman, who despite being the complete underdog and against all the odds becomes the unsung virtuoso of the Special Operations Executive during World War Two. This will be her song!

I've also written some lighthearted upbeat women's contemporary novellas. 

My Passport to Love series of novellas are escapist  'fish-out-of-water' stories about adventurous, hopeless yet hopeful heroines, who are not looking for love - it most definitely isn't on their itinerary - but somehow it always finds them...If you're looking for some escapist romance, check out Holly Ever After and Be My Valerie.

On a final historical note: Shakespeare is one of my literary heroes, and I have the quote at the top of this page pinned over my desk at home. Why? Because it reminds me not only how great Shakespeare was, shaking up the writing scene in London and reshaping our language, but also this quote captures the hard graft and emotional investment required of writing. In so many ways, my work is a labour of love.

May you love what you read and read what you love!

Anna x


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