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Anna Foxkirk is an award-winning author. She writes fast-paced, historical 'herstories' putting extraordinary women front and centre, and transporting you to another era.

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I inherited my love of historical stories from my father, who was also a historical fiction author and introduced me to Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier at a very impressionable age!


After graduating with an MA in history, I spent eight years in the British military: including a stint living in Edinburgh Castle (where history is steeped in its frigid stone walls and howls at you from the ramparts); a posting to Germany; four operational tours in war-torn Bosnia. During those years, I may have shed my rose-tinted spectacles, but I also developed a real appreciation of humanity's capacity for compassion,  kindness, resilience and survival. Having had a front row seat in the arena of history in-the-making, I don't think I'll ever take life's precious gifts for granted again.


Never a career officer, I left the army, survived a couple of years in public relations running Microsoft UK's Press Centre, before becoming an English and history teacher. 

Arriving in Australia in 2013, I decided it was high time I pursued my writing dreams.



Now , when I’m not doggedly tracking a historical gold thread, or pulling my hair out trying to translate sources written in a foreign language, or trailing after the distant echo of a character from a bygone but totally riveting era, you’ll find me here, at my desk, trying to conjure the past into words and words into a story...


Thank you for visiting my website. If you'd like to know more, please check out my other pages.

May you love what you read and read what you love!

N.B. In case you spotted some lighthearted upbeat women's contemporary novellas by Anna Foxkirk, yes, that's me too ... While historical fiction is my first love, post-stroke and during the Covid hiatus, I wrote some mad escapist  'fish-out-of-water' novellas: my Passport to Love series. I think there's a side note to them on here somewhere ...

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