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Favourite debut author 2020 - Anna Foxkirk

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I write upbeat, romantic women's fiction, romcom and chicklit. My Passport to Love series of novels and novellas are  'fish-out-of-water' romance stories about adventurous, hopeless yet hopeful heroines, who are not looking for love - it most definitely isn't on their itinerary - but somehow it always finds them ...


You'll also find troubled and tortured, grouchy but gorgeous, alpha to omega men in my books. The last thing these guys want in their complicated lives is romance, but then Along comes a woman who throws a spanner into their well-laid plans ...


If a passport to love is what you're looking for, grab a seat and travel with me, ANNA FOXKIRK, on a journey of love, laughter and (mostly) happy ever after.

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Available NOW!

I'm delighted to announce that 'Be My Valerie' is now available to buy from most digital retailers. 

Available now

Alice in Wanderlust is a New Year's Eve novella. It started out as part of an anthology with the title Double Trouble, but I'm now releasing it as an independent novella. 

Alice  has always suffered from 'wanderlust'. She drools over travel brochures and dreams of adventure. Finally on a GAP year abroad with her identical twin sister, Sophie (who she calls Twister because she’s her twisted twin sister), their journey grinds to a halt in Sydney because Sophie has fallen in lust.

Alice has pretended to be Sophie before, but persuaded to step into her inordinately high-heeled shoes on New Year's Eve singing with the band hired to entertain heroes and celebrities aboard a luxury yacht means no end of trouble ... but what else are sisters for? Alice begins to wonder because she’s landed in double trouble when her sister refuses to answer her calls and treble trouble when she's lovestruck with lead singer Guy.

Passion and fireworks are all very well, but next year can't come fast enough when one wrong note could drop her in deep water ...

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