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Holly Ever After


A Christmas novella

Here’s the  festive scenario…

Tis the season to be jolly! But all Holly or Clyde want is some peace on Earth … 

Burtonbridge School in the north of England might look and sound like a magical place to teach, but with Christmas fast approaching and work piling up, young Kiwi teacher Holly Hadaway is feeling out of place and out of her depth. 

Clyde Hunter has dropped out of university to pursue his writing dreams. Being a member of the school ‘grounds and building maintenance’ team should be the sort of work that allows him headspace to think and be creative. But the festive season is proving testing, and one prickly teacher is about to puncture his solitary bubble when he’s tasked to fix the lock on her stationery storeroom door.

Maybe stationery storeroom is too grandiose a word. It’s more of a walk-in cupboard/closet. And when Holly and Clyde find themselves locked in together, it starts to feel uncomfortably tight. 

This is the last thing they would ever wish for, but who knows, perhaps it’ll be the perfect Christmas present … 

Find out if they get their Holly ever after.

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Previously published as 'Double Trouble' in the Love and Fireworks and anthology.

Alice drools over travel brochures and dreams of adventure. Finally on a GAP year abroad with her identical twin sister, Sophie (who she calls Twister because she’s her twisted twin sister), their journey grinds to a halt in Sydney because Sophie has fallen in lust.

Alice has pretended to be Sophie before, but persuaded to step into her inordinately high-heeled shoes on New Year's Eve singing with the band hired to entertain heroes and celebrities aboard a luxury yacht means no end of trouble ... but what else are sisters for? Alice begins to wonder because she’s landed in double trouble when her sister refuses to answer her calls and treble trouble when she's lovestruck with lead singer Guy.

Passion and fireworks are all very well, but next year can't come fast enough when one wrong note could drop her in deep water ...

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Currently shortlisted in Romance Writers New Zealand, Great Beginnings competition,


COMING later in 2021!



in Australia

Book 1 of Passport to Love series

coming in 2021 ...

Find out what happens to Alice. How does she find herself working as a nanny for a winery owner on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula?

Wine, kids and sunshine prove a heady combination.  


When Guy reappears, is it finally time to throw caution to the wind and  hit the road, or does she find her heart grafted to winery owner Art?

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